About the Bristow Village Homeowners Association
Bristow Village is managed and supported by a private, non-profit homeowners association, the Bristow Village Homeowners Association (the Association). A community association is a corporation in which a homeowner is bound to membership in an organization in which rules and regulations are set by the Declaration of Incorporation and bylaws generally called the governing documents.
Governing documents create mutual obligations for homeowners and the Association. In Bristow Village, governing documents attempt to achieve a balance between two equally important goals: the freedom each person wants to be able to live the way he or she wants; and the protection each community member needs against careless and inconsiderate behavior of others.
Through the all-volunteer Association, residents of the Village keep alive a cooperative and voluntary effort to demonstrate neighborly tolerance, consideration, and mutual respect. The continuing success of Bristow Village is directly attributable to the effort each resident puts forth in making the Village a pleasant place to live.
Due to our longstanding and successful commitment to manage our own affairs for 40 years, we have consistently maintained our community standards and kept our costs much lower than average.
About Our Management Company
We contract with a management company to perform those tasks which are best handled by an impartial party with a centralized database of current and historic data.  Our management company handles:
  • annual inspections of homeowner property
  • assessment billing and receipts
  • bill paying (under the guidance of the Board and Treasurer)
  • mailing of all buyer disclosure packets.
Our current (2020) Management Company is:
MJF Associates, Inc.
10692 Crestwwod Drive
Manassas, VA 20109
About Our Legal Firm
We maintain an account with a local legal firm to provide us with:
  • legal opinions on HOA business as needed
  • information on the latest changes to local, state and federal laws that affect HOAs
  • attendance of a lawyer at annual meetings to provide guidance on unusual issues
  • representation in court when the Board and Treasurer cannot collect past due assesments from a homeowner.
Our current (2020) legal firm is:
Chadwick, Washington, Moriarity, Elmore, & Bunn, P.C.
3201 Jermantown Road, Suite 600
Fairfax, VA 22030-1720