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  • Can an owner avoid paying assessments for the common expenses of the property?

    No. All owners must pay their fair share of common expenses. If a payment is late, the Board is required to impose penalties and is empowered to take collection actions, if necessary.
  • Can homeowners' assessments be increased?

    Yes, annual assessments may increase each year to the extent allowed in Association Bylaws. Special assessments may be levied for major periodic expenses related to capital or common area needs.
  • Is there an annual membership assessment fee for Bristow Village?
    The Board of Directors of the Association sets the annual assessment and notifies homeowners in early December of each year. Homeowners may pay the entire annual amount in advance or in quarterly installments beginning January 1 of the year. Payment of assessments is both a legal obligation and an investment in the preservation of the community.
    The 2013 assessment is $1,204.16 per year.
  • What do I get for my assessment dollars?

    The assessments paid by each resident provide money to pay our common bills.  Our bills come from operating and reserve expenses such as:
    • trash and recycling removal
    • electricity and maintenance for lights on common grounds
    • sidewalks
    • curbs
    • street paving
    • parking spaces
    • tree pruning and tree removal for public safety
    • tree replacement
    • lawn and garden upkeep
    • pool maintenance
    • pool house maintenance
    • pool electricity and phone service
    • life guards
    • snow removal
    • erosion control
    • retaining wall maintenance
    • fence repair and replacement.
    The list continues with items that most of us don't think about such as insurance policies, legal services, auditor services, stamps.  You get the picture.  Each time residents don't pay their assessments, they are stealing services from their neighbors and keeping us from being able to budget more dollars annually.  So when you have to send in that quarterly or yearly payment, remember what you get for your money.  It's a good deal.

Home Maintenance
  • Can I stain my deck instead of painting it?
    Yes, you can stain your deck.  You can also paint your deck.  Both stains and paints must be Olde Tavern Brown.  The Maintenance Committee provides an online chart of approved color formulas for paints and stains for your deck and house trim.
    Note: The Color Formula Chart requires Adobe Reader to view.
  • Olde Tavern Brown is a non-standard color. How do I get the right color?
    The Maintenance Committee has provided an Olde Tavern Brown color formula chart for the BVHA-approved paints and stains available at Sherwin Williams.  Although you can have other vendors do an optical color match, there is still a risk the paint won't match.  It's safer to use the paint color formula.
    Note: The Color Formula Chart requires Adobe Reader to view.
  • The Globe broke on my front porch light. How do I replace it?

    BVHA requires the same size light globe for every front porch. Home Depot no longer stocks the globes in their stores.
    If you need a replacement globe and/or base for your front porch light, you must order them online from Home Depot.  Click here to go to Home Depot's website.  Search for item # 7791-12W (globe) and item # 7785-01B (base).

  • How do I replace a lost or destroyed hangtag?
    Lost hangtags can be replaced by submitting the Hangtag Replacement Form and by paying $50 to the Parking Committee.  Instructions are on the form.
    Note: The Hangtag Replacement Form requires Adobe Reader to view.
  • I want to use a car cover, but don't want to be towed because my hangtag doesn't show. What do I do?
    Print and fill-in the Hangtag Replacement Form and submit the form to a Parking Committee member.  You will be issued a sticker for the car cover that is visible to the tow drivers.  There is no charge for a car cover sticker.
    Note: The Hangtag Replacement Form requires Adobe Reader to view.
  • Is reserved resident parking available?

    Each townhome is assigned one reserved parking space. Owners receive one hang tag for the reserved parking spot assigned to their townhome. A second hang tag allows for parking a second car in any non-reserved spot.
    Residents not current in their assessments are denied the second hang tag until they are current once more.
    New owners should contact the management company to apply for parking hang tags. Renters should contact their landlord to ask for transfer of the hang tags.
    Fees may apply for replacement of lost or stolen hang tags.
  • May visitors park in the Village without hang-tags?
    Visitors without hang tags may park in non-reserved spots Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.  After 5:00 PM, all cars parked in the Village must have a hang tag. Cars without hang tags may park on Americana Drive.
    Cars in violation of parking rules are subject to towing without notice.  Current cost to recover a car is $150.00.

Pool and Recreation
  • Can I bring a guest with me to the pool?
    Yes, each residence is entitled to bring one guest.  All guests must be accompanied by a Bristow Village resident. Guest fees apply to everyone one year and older.
    Daily guest fees are:
    • $2.00 on weekdays
    • $3.00 on weekends and holidays.
    In lieu of daily fees, Season Guest Passes may be purchased for $10.00 per pass.  These passes are good for the entire season.
    You may drop off your your Guest Pass fees (EXACT CHANGE ONLY) to Nelson Estrada or Laurie Balbaugh.  Check the resident directory for addresses.
  • What recreational amenities are available?
    Bristow Village offers an adult swimming pool and a kiddie (toddler) pool, several playgrounds, and extensive common grounds.
    Elementary and high schools are within walking distance, and residents of Bristow Village have easy access to playgrounds, tracks, and recreational facilities at the schools. Also within walking distance is the Fairfax County Recreational facility at Wakefield Park. That facility has an Olympic size indoor pool, full gym, indoor racquet ball courts, outdoor tennis courts, baseball fields, and also offers a wide range of educational and recreational courses. Bicycle and walking trails lead to other County recreational parks. There is a skateboard park at Wakefield.
    See our Community page for more details.